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A great retro kitchen table featuring a dinette set or a diner booth or maybe a set of bar stools might be the perfect solution for your kitchen - and can add some style at the same time.

So what do you visualize when you hear the word retro kitchen? Maybe a classic chrome dinette or a flame vinyl fabric kitchen table featuring a 1950’s style booth – recreating a soda shop scene from an old movie. A retro theme is certainly a great way to add a little pizzaz to your kitchen and create a warm cozy atmosphere at the same time. Before you get started shopping here are a few ideas to keep in mind that can help you to easily and inexpensively recreate the look that you want.

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Retro Kitchen Table - Home Style Furniture Soda Shoppe Kitchen Table

This sixties inspired kitchen table is from Home Style Furniture. You will surely love this vintage looking table because of the steel pillar frame assembly and as well as the beam base crossing. The table is laminated in red with a top edging to keep the retro theme. You can also choose from a different finish which is silver. The table can accommodate two to four people.

Retro Kitchen Table

Retro Kitchen Table - Euro Style Allan Retro Kitchen Table

This modern retro twist table is from Euro Style which will surely captivate everyone's attention. You will surely enjoy dining in with this chic looking simple table. You can use this outdoor or indoors. The base is made from aluminium while the top is made from stainless round steel top. You can adjust the base according to the height that you want and it would make a nice match for a pair of modern retro dining chairs

Retro Kitchen Table

Retro Kitchen Table - American Chairs Oval Retro Kitchen Table

This oval kitchen table is from American Chairs. The shiny aluminium grooved edges will surely catch your attention. The deco legs are made from tubular steel with plated chrome. You can choose from different types of laminate that you prefer. This table will surely bring the fifties ambiance to your home because of the style of this table. Match the table with some black vinyl retro chairs to complete the look.

Retro Kitchen Table

Retro Kitchen Table - Forma Pura Kettler Sereno Retro Iron Table

This bright colored retro kitchen iron table from Forma Pura will surely be one of the best designs in your home. It is made from punched metals and solid stock legs to ensure the strength of the table. It is usually thicker than the usual powder coat and has a smooth finish with weld obsolete points. You don't have to worry about anything because it can resist peeling, scratching, chipping and of course fading. So rest assured that you will truly enjoy this table for a long time.

Retro Kitchen Table

Retro Kitchen Table - Avenue Six Slick Retro Kitchen Table

This fabulous slick retro kitchen table is from Avenue Six. This table will surely add pizzazz in every room. This table will bring fun to you and to your family. It is made up of durable high quality plastic to ensure the strength of the table. You can use this for small meals or coffee with your friends and family. It is available in different color such as white, red, and black and green. Choose the best color that you like to match your mood and interiors.

Retro Kitchen Table

If you working with a small kitchen then you are going to have the deal with the practical issues of limited space when it comes to making your selection – lack of sufficient space make take priority over your visual preferences. You can find a retro kitchen table that will fit in almost any area but you want to make sure your kitchen table doesn’t become an obstacle. And remember you need space to be able to comfortably navigate around the table as well. You might want to consider making a scale drawing and get a visual of how the table you have in mind might may work.

A great place to get ideas, especially retro themes, is to “borrow” ideas from magazines – particularly some of the older vintage copies that you can find online today. If you want to know what retro really looked like, as opposed to what someone today thinks it should look like – this is a great place to start. Of course, you will want to add your own sense of style, but looking at how some of the great decorators of the 1950’s approached the problem can be provide excellent inspiration. If you can't find what your looking for online try your local library, they may carry a selection of vintage magazines.

Do you have particularly small kitchen , but maybe a little room in a corner - how about a pub style kitchen table with tall chairs!

Retro Kitchen Table -Barstool 

This funky set features 2 bar stools in a classic flame vinyl fabric and accompanying pub style table in designer red glacier boomerang formica. Ah, I just love the smell of formica! This set is sure to add a little wake up call to your kitchen if you don’t need seating for a lot of people. It's also a pretty good space saver. Better yet its easy to clean and maintain, its comfortable and yet still durable and features a classic retro 50’s look.


50's Retro kitchen table  


Just as it was in 1950's, the kitchen table is still today the central focal point of the kitchen, the place where we might sit with a cup of coffee and spend a few reflective moments alone and the place where we gather with friends and family to spend time with each other. Furniture from the forties and fifties is back in fashion – again - and a retro kitchen table is a great place to start. For several years now people who understand where the market is going have been buying up fiberglass draperies, bent plywood chairs, and even bright chartreuse dinnerware – unheard of even a few years ago. Wartime and post wartime designs were very modern in their design and some of the best pieces were almost like sculpture featuring very innovative looks. Furniture manufacturers in the early 40’s were force to go to alternative materials like formica, plastic and wood because of a shortage of metal, which was being used in the war effort. Small kitchen tables featuring a retro design usually incorporate both plastic and limited use of metal. Why is the retro look popular today- well for one reason many of these classic designs are relatively inexpensively to buy today. The 1950’s was also a time of relative frugality (sound familiar) so the objective of manufactures was to create pieces that were relatively inexpensive and easy to clean – mom’s back then didn’t want to spend too much time cleaning house either. Many of the postwar designs also included things like stacking chairs that were lightweight and portable – just the thing for fitting into small apartments and kitchens. So the need for small litchen tables is a recent problem – people have been finding solutions for decades. There is the perfect retro kitchen table and chairs online today, just the solution you are looking for, plus you can add a little pizzazz to your kitchen with a great retro look.

We have provided a few examples below of some great looking retro inspired tables. Please visit out suppliers to find a wide array of sizes, styles, colors and shapes of vintage looking 50's retro tables.

Do you have a bit more room available - how about this classic looking booth -

Retro Kitchen Table - Diner Booth

Want to create your own diner experience with a 1950s style diner booth seating. If you have the room this is a great looking set and certainly brings back a bit of the 50’s nostalgia. Retro kitchen tables like this diner booth and pedestal table can brighten up your kitchen or even a game room! It is made from heavy duty material and will very durable and like many retro designs – it’s easy to clean!


Retro kitchen table - booth



Retro doesn’t have to be just about flashy chrome and a dinette with booths and a cola logo. Retro furniture was and is also about a state of mind, Vintage designs help to evoke childhood memories and recreate the cozy comforts we knew growing up as we sat around the kitchen table for breakfast. Or maybe you want the look but just don’t have the budget right now for a flashy new retro table.

You can also find pretty inexpensive basic wooden tables that you can dress up with a vintage tablecloth to help create the look you want or perhaps a formica topped table that you can find at a garage sale. Have you thought about repainting the kitchen walls – it’s inexpensive and can really help, or maybe if your budget is a little larger – put up some vintage look wallpaper. And don’t forget about hanging a few 1950’s photographs on the wall to complete the look - think Eisenhower.




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